About Us

Hoccode.Net is a website that provides knowledge of programming languages for students, students, and employees.

At the same time Hoccode.net also provides the following services:

- Design and build custom systems

  • Subsystems, sales management webiste, news, human resources …
  • Applications, games on demand.

- Provide Source code according to topics for learning and research.

- Provide the following Online tutoring courses:

Contact: Phone: 0971.793.662/ email: hoccode.net@gmail.com for specific advice.

Introduction to Admin webiste Hoccode.net

- Bachelor of Information Technology - Major in Information System Management, University of Information Technology.
- Indian Student Scholarship (ITEC) and certification in database security, information system management.
- 30/4 Olympic silver medal in Informatics.
- Prize 3 for informatics block in the National Student Olympics Competition.
- Done many projects in programming languages: PHP, CSS, JS, HMTL, JSON; C #, Java ...

Some projects have been implemented

- Experienced in teaching informatics Olympiads to test for excellent students at provincial and national level in informatics (C ++, Pascal language, Programming algorithm ...)
- The best skills are PHP, MySQL. Experienced in making many websites selling online with Opencart, Laravel.
- Proficient in programming languages: PHP, C ++, C #, Java, Python.
- Website design in programming languages: PHP, C #, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascrip, Jquery, Ajax, Json, XML
- Game design in C ++ with OpenGL; Python with Pygame library
English skills: Can communicate in English.

(Indian Study Abroad Scholarship (ITEC) and certification
database security, information system management.)

(Won the 3rd prize in informatics block in the National Student Olympics Competition)

(Silver Medal at Olympic 30/4, Informatics South region)

(College graduate information technology )